Just Salad

Jen Selter blew up on Twitter today, just in time to guilt me into writing a blurb about salads from Just Salad.  If you don’t know who she is, look her up only if you have a desire to work out 10x more and eat 10x less.  In any case, Just Salad serves a variety of salads along with a selection of soups throughout Manhattan and is a quick place to grab lunch or healthy dinner.

Thai Chicken Crunch Salad

Thai Chicken Crunch Salad

The salads all have harmonious flavors, and you are welcome to add or subtract fresh ingredients.  Or if you are picky, make your own salad =)


  1. Check in on Foursquare, and you’ll receive a free reusable bowl (like in the picture).  With that bowl, you can get two extra add-ons for your salad each time you bring the bowl in!
  2. Make sure you use their loyalty card (which you get for free with a Foursquare check-in) because you’ll get 10% off for your purchase.


4.5 Rating

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