Num Pang Sandwich Shop

I love going to Chelsea Market every time I’m in NYC because of all the different little eateries I can try!  This time, I stopped by Num Pang Sandwich Shop to get their special five-spice glazed pork belly banh mi.

Five-spice glazed pork belly banh mi

Five-spice glazed pork belly banh mi

Biting through the crispy bread, a tsunami wave of multiple Asian flavors filled my mouth.  And after that, I couldn’t stop taking bites until there was nothing left!  Even after that, I was debating on whether or not to get another…  But watching everyone around me eat all their raw, vegan and organic foods from One Lucky Duck, I felt a bit too guilty to, even though I thought my sandwich could have used a bit more pork belly!

Blood orange lemonade

Blood orange lemonade

To wash down my banh mi, I got a very refreshing blood orange lemonade.  I loved the overly sour taste to it!


  1. DO NOT ask for modifications to the sandwiches.  This shop is not made for those who have picky taste buds (whether it’s preference or allergies) – they will refuse you a sandwich if you ask for any changes to the original banh mi (they won’t even cut it for you!).
  2. For those who are cutting down on carbs, Num Pang also serves salads!


5.0 Rating

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2 thoughts on “Num Pang Sandwich Shop

  1. banh mi is one of my favourite things! I have to say I’m one of those picky people who like to go “no mayo” and etc – but when it looks this good then perhaps it’s good to leave it to the chefs!

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