MonKey Bread at Tin City

During Chicago’s freezing yet sometimes picture-perfect, snowy winters, a substantial fraction of Chicagoland’s suburban population migrates south to Naples, Florida.  This is where a city becomes a tame episode of The Real Housewives in winter, where some of the worst drivers in the country weave on the roads while chatting on cell phones, and where America’s 0.1% purchase multi-million dollar vacation homes on the waterfront.  But there is sun and palm trees so naturally, that’s where we spent Christmas and New Years.

Blueberry monkeybread

Blueberry monkey bread

On the Naples waterfront sits Tin City, named after its tin-roofed buildings that were the center of economic development of Naples in the 1920’s.  Today, it is where tourists can get a taste of historic Naples.  We went for the highly recommended sunset cruise, but before we got on the ship, we walked around Tin City and found MonKey Bread Factory, a confection shop that sells all sorts of goodies including their feature: monkey bread, a fluffy, gooey, warm cinnamon bread.

They sell a variety of monkey breads, including the classic and chocolate chip, but we ordered the “healthier” blueberry one.  After being warmed up, this miniature bundt-shaped bread was oozing with sugary cinnamon and blueberries.  On top, our server put a dollop of decadent cream that added a sweet smoothness to the bread.  After one bite, I was already tempted to order another one or two of them…

Bahama Blue - pomegrante, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, banana

Bahama Blue – pomegrante, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, banana

To wash down their indulgent desserts, MonKey Bread offers a variety of no sugar or other ingredients added fruit smoothies.  They are a bit pricey (but not as much as your typical NYC juice shop) at $7 a cup, but they are absolutely worth it.  If the lady behind the counter hadn’t handed the cup to me, Andrew would have finished the whole thing in a blink of an eye.

The first time I had monkey bread was in middle school when we learned how to make it.  Ever since, I haven’t been able to find a place that serves it, much less a place that serves such a voluptuous version of this dessert.  So I’m definitely going to miss MonKey Bread Factory… at least until next time I’m in Naples!


  1. Skip the other touristy restaurants and beeline for the MonKey Bread Factory (all you have to do is follow the signs).
  2. There are other desserts including giant candy apples and other chocolatey yummies.


5.0 Rating

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4 thoughts on “MonKey Bread at Tin City

  1. Thanks Lu!!! So happy to read that you visited our shop and LOVED us!!! How nice of you to write such nice things.
    A customer traveling to Naples from Miami mentioned to me just yesterday that he read about us on urban spoon, and so I had to check it out! He told me that because of this post he had to find us, and he made a special trip to visit The Mon”key” Bread Factory because of your blog!!
    As a small Mom & Pop business working hard to be unique, creative and exciting while trying to grow; this means the world to us :) :)
    I posted your blog about the Mon”Key” Bread Factory on our MBF FaceBook page…

    Thanks Thanks and happy travels!

    • Thank you Karen!!! It is wonderful to hear that someone stopped by just from reading my post! I hope he LOVED it as much as I did! The monkey bread you guys make definitely impressed my taste buds! I can’t wait to come back soon in the winter!!!

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