Burma Superstar!

Burma Superstar is an ethnic restaurant that seems to be hidden from tourists but famous amongst San Francisco residents.  Luckily, some of our friends from San Fran suggested this popular eatery to us.  And warned us about the long wait so that we could plan to go during off-hours.

Tea leaf salad - I was probably too excited to hold my hand still to take this photo...

Tea leaf salad – I was probably too excited to hold my hand still to take this photo…

One of their famous Burmese dishes is the tea leaf salad.  It is an Asian inspired salad (with corn, pine nuts and toasted sesame) topped with lahpet, the Burmese word for fermented tea.  Fermented tea is made with the best quality tea leaves while the rest are usually dried.  The result is a slight bittersweet taste with a smooth, lingering aftertaste.   And here, they’ve added a touch of sesame oil to the lahpet (all the way from Burma) to enhance the nutty taste throughout the salad.

Sangria and Burmese cooler

Sangria and Burmese cooler

We also ordered a sangria and Burmese cooler.  Unfortunately, these needed a bit more work…

Pumpkin pork stew

Pumpkin pork stew

An all-time favorite at Burma Superstar is the pumpkin pork stew.  This may sound like a unique combination of ingredients, but you’ll fall in love with the tender pork cubes that literally melt in your mouth, filling it with a cozy reminder of autumn from the soft chunks of pumpkin.

Burmese-style lamb curry

Burmese-style lamb curry

We also ordered the Burmese style lamb curry, which tasted like any other Indian lamb curry.  I was expecting something slightly sweeter, but I enjoyed it all the same (although not as much as the pumpkin pork stew!).


  1. If there is a long line (which there probably will be), get a snack from Quickly a couple doors down.  They have spam musubi, which will make you change your mind about spam.
  2. Two dishes you MUST order here are the authentic tea leaf salad and the pumpkin pork stew.  Don’t skip either of these!


4.0 Rating

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4 thoughts on “Burma Superstar!

    • You should definitely go to Farallon for some mouth-watering seafood! If you want Chinese and want crab, R&G Lounge is great – but you will only be impressed with their crab. Otherwise, I haven’t spent much time in SF – I went mostly to go to Napa =) Enjoy your trip!!!

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