Bang Bang Pie Shop

On our way to dinner we passed by the infamous Bang Bang Pie Shop, and we just had to stop inside in the vintage-decorated eatery for a pre-dinner snack…

Chocolate Coconut Pie

Chocolate Coconut Pie

I loved how the shadows creeped on the red, antiquated wooden chairs and wooden tables during sunset.  P1050726 Bang Bang Pie ShopMeanwhile, a chandelier lit up the joint.P1050739 Chandelier, Bang Bang Pie Shop

The large pie sign as you walk in the door emphasizes (again) that this is truly a pie shop.  So without a doubt, you MUST try their pie.P1050730 Bang Bang Pie Shop

They were out of the savory goat cheese and spinach pie for the day so we opted for the enticing chocolate coconut pie.  Every forkful filled my mouth with a burst of dark chocolate while the light coconut flavor in the coconut marshmallow and whipped coconut meringue on top seemed to be set aside.  With a crunchy graham cracker crust, though, this pie is a truly ingenious dessert that I would definitely enjoy again.

Chocolate Coconut Pie

Chocolate Coconut Pie

One thing that may be overlooked on the menu is the biscuit.  Why would you order a biscuit at a pie shop?  Well, Bang Bang Pie Shop certainly gives a reason to.  The biscuit itself is fluffy and has a homey feel to it, especially stuffed with numerous slices of savory, juicy ham!  The ham biscuit is a meal in itself that should not be ignored!

Ham Biscuit

Ham Biscuit


  1. Definitely give the biscuits a try!  It doesn’t sound like much in comparison to the tempting pie names, but it certainly does not disappoint!
  2. This is a wonderful alternative to a coffee shop.  Instead of a coffee, get a slice of pie =)


5.0 Rating

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8 thoughts on “Bang Bang Pie Shop

    • Hmm I’m not exactly the best cook or baker, and they don’t put the recipe online. But they do have all their ingredients listed on their website! Maybe I can ask next time I go!

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