The “French” Market

At the Olgilvie train station in Chicago, there is a French Market, which basically has all sorts of eateries, but not all are French.  There are banh mi shops and even a stand that caters to raw foodists.  However, I never seem to have an amazing experience there…

Figure 1. Mumbai chicken crepe

Figure 1. Mumbai chicken crepe

Crepes are French, but Flip Crepes honestly puts a strange twist on pretty much every crepe.  The Mumbai chicken crepe (Figure 1) is an example of why you should never put extremely strong spices in a crepe.  Ever.

Figure 2. Rustika crepe

Figure 2. Rustica crepe

The Rustica crepe (Figure 2) was actually pretty yummy, with an orchestra of savory, rustic flavors of chicken, brie, beef bacon and mushrooms.  However, they should have sliced the chicken into thinner pieces because an entire brick of chicken in a crepe was a bit difficult to eat.

Figure 3. Blueberry and caramel crepe

Figure 3. Blueberry and caramel crepe

The worst crepe we had was a mix and match dessert crepe.  We wanted blueberries and caramel, which is a bit strange to begin with, but we thought we’d give it a try (Figure 3).  Well, let’s just say that the amount of caramel that was put in the crepe literally stuck my mouth shut.  The two ingredients would have actually worked well together had there not been over a pound of caramel in the crepe…

Figure 4. Falafel and hummus sandwich

Figure 4. Falafel and hummus sandwich

At RAW, the raw foods booth, we tried an interesting falafel and hummus sandwich (Figure 4).  If I had not know what raw foodists ate and this was my only indication, I would think a raw food diet is the unhealthiest, heaviest diet there could possibly be!  This sandwich was denser than cement and dryer than a desert.  What’s more, my hands were covered in oil after picking it up!  At $8 a pop, this sandwich is definitely not worth it.  You might as well just eat raw spinach from your nearest grocery store.

P1050474 Vanille macarons

Figure 5. Macarons from Vanille

And for dessert, I purchased some colorful macarons from Vanille (Figure 5), which normally has delicious pastries.  But I am warning you to stay away from their macarons.  They are the worst macarons I’ve ever had, with an extremely dense texture replacing what should have been a light, airy one.  In addition, I could barely distinguish the flavors except for lavender, which tasted as if I took a bite of the plant itself.

What a disappointment!


  1. Do not get macarons from Vanille – their pastries are the way to go.
  2. The meats and cheese at Pastoral and Fumare are really yummy!
  3. If you are still willing to try Flip Crepes, be prepared for a long wait.
  4. If you want some awesome crepes, head up to Evanston to Creperie Saint Germain.  I’m giving the place two thumbs up!


2.5 Rating

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7 thoughts on “The “French” Market

  1. Oh really? Vanille’s macarons are pretty hit or miss. Sometimes they have great ones! I’m really all about their entremets though. And I agree wholeheartedly about Creperie St. Germain!

  2. Hi! I wonder if the Mumbai chicken crepe was anything like a South Indian “dosa”? (except that dosa usually is vegetarian) I am asking because am thinking about going to eat a dosa tonight in a place called Saravana Bhavan. It is a chain from Tamil Nadu, India, and there is one in New York. They have many restaurants around in the world. If you are curious, check them out. Their dosas are really, really good (and spices work well)!

    • Yes, I love dosas! But it’s not very much like a crepe since dosas are supposed to be a bit crispy and are normally rice based. I think spices work well with dosas because of the crispiness and the oil used to cook it. It was a bit surprising that the spices in the crepe I had didn’t work so I’m willing to try a spicy crepe again, but I won’t be expecting too much the next time!

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