Tulips, Flour and Stone

The other day, we walked over to the new place a couple blocks away that sells Brooklyn style pizza.  On our way to Flour and Stone, we passed by some gorgeous tulips I had not taken the time to notice before (Figures 1 and 2).

Figure 1. Tulips

Figure 1. Tulips

Figure 2. Tulips

Figure 2. Tulips

When we arrived at Flour and Stone, I was super hungry so we ordered a salad while we waited for our Classic pizza with toppings of red sauce, pepperoni and sausage (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Classic pizza

Figure 3. Classic pizza

The all flour pizza crust is super thin, and the pizza itself is baked in a 600 degrees Wood Stone oven (Figure 4).  The blazing hot fire heats up the entire restaurant!  I was honestly sitting at the bar, toasting away as we waited for the pizza.

Figure 4. Woodstone oven

Figure 4. Wood Stone oven

I immediately went for a slice when the pizza was placed in front of me, glistening from the oil (Figure 5).  I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of this juicy pizza with a crust infused with the flavors of the meat.  Mmm…  The edges where there wasn’t meat was a bit dull and chewy for me, though, so I still prefer the crispy, Chicago style, deep dish crust that has a crunch at the edge.

Figure 5. Classic pizza

Figure 5. Classic pizza

This was downright delicious, but I absolutely cannot wait for some Brooklyn style pizza in Brooklyn next week!


  1. New Yorkers, if you are craving your thin crust, Brooklyn style pizza, Flour and Stone is the place to go.
  2. If you want to be healthy, try the salads – they have much more flavor than I had expected!
  3. They are also BYOB!


4.5 Rating

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8 thoughts on “Tulips, Flour and Stone

    • Thank you! Yes – I’ve been semi-obsessed with flower photos too! In fact, I just went up to Holland for the tulip festival, and the tulips were gorgeous!

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