Frog N Snail

We had heard about Frog N Snail, the sister restaurant of Sprout, for a while now, and we finally found some time to go!  As you walk in, there is a quiet, relaxing ambience that gets your tummy ready for some pleasant, comforting European classics.

Figure 1. Snails Y'all

Figure 1. Snails Y’all

We started with the Snails Y’all (Figure 1), which was a mushroom and snail ragout with butternut squash and fried kale on a bed of goat cheese grits.  This is had the essence of a spring dish with popping colors, fresh flavors and perfectly cooked snails.  Frog N Snail really outdid themselves with the second half of the name.  I’m saving the frog part for next time.

Figure 2. Toasted bread with white bean dip

Figure 2. Toasted bread with white bean dip

With the first course also came with buttery, toasted bread with a thick, white bean dip that was most likely butter based (Figure 2) but extremely difficult to refrain from…

Figure 3. Seafood crostini

Figure 3. Seafood crostini

The crostini appetizer (little breads originated in Italy) we ordered was a blast of seafood toppings, including salmon, shrimp and very well-marinated white anchovy (Figure 3).  This was all seasoned with some red onion, avocado bits, mustard and a cracked egg that seemed to be missing.  Each bite brings the sea to your taste buds!

Figure 4. Mussels

Figure 4. Mussels

We also had some mussels, which turned out to be a large portion (Figure 4), but we had no trouble finishing them off!  They were infused with a broth of absinthe, chile de arbol, fennel and garlic, which gave each bite a little, spicy kick. But then the chopped tomato on top comes to the rescue relieving your mouth with a cooling sensation.

Figure 5. Rabbit pierogi

Figure 5. Rabbit pierogi

We had the rabbit pierogi with cauliflower, picholine, tarragon cream and brussel sprouts (Figure 5).  Pierogis are dumplings from eastern Europe normally stuffed with ground meat.   Frog N Snail really nailed the pierogis and rabbit meat spot on, but the colorful vegetables on the side could have been cooked a bit more.  Some of the cauliflower and asparagus were still super crunchy…

Figure 6. Kitchen Sink Cassoulet topped with a poached egg that we had just broken into

Figure 6. Kitchen Sink Cassoulet topped with a poached egg that we had just broken into

The Kitchen Sink Cassoulet (Figure 6) was hands-down the BEST dish of the night.  With a bit of a twist, this originally French dish was a mix of duck confit, bacon, sausage, tom chicken, white beans, cabbage and apple slaw, and a popular poached egg to top it off.  The duck confit was cooked so well that it literally melted in your mouth, and the white beans were perfect.  I was amazed at how nicely the poached egg worked into the meaty flavors, and I cannot wait to have this again!

Overall, Frog N Snail is definitely a restaurant I’m ready to go back to!


  1. If you go, you must try the Snails Y’all and the Kitchen Sink Cassoulet.  These two dishes alone will blow you away!
  2. Frog N Snail also serves brunch, and that menu looks extremely enticing.  So if you can’t make it there for dinner, give the brunch a try!
  3. They also had an unlimited mussels option when we went (which was a Thursday).  Unlimited mussels may seem a bit much if you are watching your cholesterol, but they are delicious so perhaps try the mussels appetizer (which may almost seem unlimited for one person)!


4.5 Rating

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