5411 Empanadas

Empanadas are these delicious pastries that can be stuffed with all sorts of meats, vegetables, cheese, fruits, and even Nutella.  I haven’t had too many empanadas in my life, but recently, I finally found time to go to 5411 Empanadas in Lakeview (Chicago).  I had a Groupon for a dozen empanadas, so we were able to get one of every flavor (Figures 1 and 2).

Figure 1. Meat empanadas

Figure 1. Meat empanadas

I was absolutely wowed by the bold flavors from within and by how filling these things are (they really are filling as I eat A LOT).  They make each empanada a different shape so you know what is inside, but it’s definitely a lot more fun to guess!

Figure 2. Vegetarian empanadas

Figure 2. Vegetarian empanadas

Believe it or not, one of my favorites was actually a vegetarian empanada!  The spinach and cheese (Figure 3) was light and “healthy”.  I honestly wish I doubled up on this one instead of the Malbec beef empanada (yes, I’m surprised too).

Figure 3. Spinach and cheese empanada

Figure 3. Spinach and cheese empanada

And what are empanadas without a side of chimichurri and hot sauce (Figure 4)?  The chimichurri, which originated in Argentina, was absolutely phenomenal.  I literally couldn’t stop dumping it on the meat empanadas!  I think the hot sauce needed some more work since it was more like sweet sauce than hot sauce…  But the “sweet” sauce certainly worked nicely with the vegetable empanadas!

Figure 4. Chimichurri and hot sauce

Figure 4. Chimichurri and hot sauce

I am so glad three friends from Argentina decided to set up shop in Chicago!  It’s definitely a place worth going!  And by the way, it’s called 5411 Empanadas because if you ever want to phone Buenos Aires, that’s the first four numbers you dial.


  1. If you have the stomach for it, try all the different empanadas and guess which one you are trying!
  2. They also have a food truck, so keep an eye out!


5.0 Rating

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8 thoughts on “5411 Empanadas

    • Yes! It seems like there aren’t too many places that specialize in empanadas (but I may be biased since I mostly eat through Chicago and NYC…), but these are really great if you are ever in Chicago!

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