Sweets in Niederdorf

Conditorei Schober in the Niederdorf neighborhood of Zurich is THE place to go if you have a sweet tooth.  You will be greeted with a shock of colorful flowers and some delicious looking pastries (Figure 1).

Since we just had a tasting of the (all-time best) macaroons from the Sprüngli shop in the train station, we decided to only choose a few of the more unique macaroons to try: passionfruit and rose (Figure 2).  The rose was amazing with a light flowery flavoring, but I still cannot decide how I feel about the passionfruit.  The outer meringue is deliciously tropical, but the center is with this creamy chocolate taste that somehow does not complement the passionfruit very well.

Figure 2. Passionfruit and Rose macaroons

What Conditorei Schober is famous for is their hot chocolate (Figure 4), which comes with a nutty piece of chocolate!  I do not really understand why you have to stir the hot chocolate, but I guess there is that layer of condensed chocolate that accumulates at the top…    In any case, this perfectly creamy (but overpriced) hot chocolate is the best drink on a chilly spring day in Zurich!

Figure 4. Hot Chocolate


  1. Try the hot chocolate.
  2. If you are adventurous, try the unique flavored macaroons at Conditorei Schober; otherwise, get them from the Sprüngli cafes sprinkled around Zurich.


Everything at Conditorei Schober is to my taste, from the décor to its products, except for that passionfruit macaroon, which really did not work well in my opinion.

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